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one of the top 10 eco-tourism destinations in the world

This beautiful gem is currently ranked in the top 10 eco-tourism destinations in the world and also top 5 dive destinations.  Dominica is situated in the Eastern Caribbean between the french islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.  This unspoilt island boasts 365 rivers, numerous water falls, boiling lakes, sulphur springs and an abundance of flora and fauna.  Land prices and building costs are extremely low when compared to the neighboring islands.  Given the international exposure being received, especially since the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Survivor on Dominica, there is little doubt that Dominica property prices will grow steadily.  NOW IS THEREFORE THE PERFECT TIME TO INVEST.  Begin your home selection by clicking on the Dominica house listings below:

                                  NEW LISTINGS:

Fortune: charming oceanview home with apartment
Morne Daniel: Stunning Oceanview Mansion With Pool


Antrim Valley: Colonial Style Home "REDUCED"
Baiac: cozy house on 1/2 acre lot "LIKE NEW"
Belfast: Oceanview home "MASSIVE REDUCTION"
Giraudel: Stunning 4 bedroom 3 bath house
Grand Savanne:3 bdrm split level OCEANVIEW home
Picard: recently constructed "BACK ON THE MARKET"
Reigate:magnificent oceanview home & lodge w/ pool
Roseau:PRIME property on King George V St. REDUCED
Roseau: residential/commercial building
Vieille Case: OCEANVIEW home "AT A GIVEAWAY"
Wall House: oceanview 3 bedroom 2 bath home


Goodwill (Upper): refurbished bungalow "SOLD"
St. Joseph: affordable 3 bdrm house "SORRY, SOLD"
Belles:3 bdrm home on 16,000 sf "SORRY, SOLD"
Goodwill (Lower): 2 family house "SORRY, SOLD"
Goodwill (Upper): 4 bdrm home "SORRY, SOLD"
Castaways: home w/ AMAZING oceanview "SORRY, SOLD"
Charming home in Castle Comfort: "SORRY, SOLD"
Goodwill (Lower): 2 storey house "SORRY, SOLD"
Goodwill (Upper): 3 bdrm house "SORRY, SOLD"
Roseau: property on River Street "SORRY, SOLD"
Picard: @ the mouth of Ross Univ. "SORRY, SOLD"
Roseau: commercial/residential "SORRY, SOLD"
Wall House: 3 bdrm OCEANVIEW home "SORRY, SOLD"




The economic citizenship programme in Dominica does not require the purchase of real estate.






























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