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Nevis Real Estate
Lot for sale at Brazier's Estate



16,000 sq ft oceanview lot for sale in Brazier's Estate, Nevis.  All public utilities are available in the area.  Houses are in close proximity to the lot, with one already right next door. 

Now is the best time to buy property in this quickly developing community as property values will rise steadily in the short to medium term.

Asking priceUS$2.79 or XCD7.50 per sq ft






You'll enjoy an oceanview from the lot for sale.






Lot for sale is adjacent to this corner lot in the photo.



To purchase:  call (869) 762 4066 or  (347) 298 3403 or click to make contact.  Ref#NEVL05









House in close proximity to lot.








This photo was taken from property next door as lot for sale is covered with shrubs.  You will enjoy a similar view from lot for sale.