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Caribbean real estate
Long-term rentals in upscale neighborhoods

If your stay will extend to one or more years or beyond 6 months in some instances, you may wish to rent one of the long-term rentals listed on this page.   If you are looking for a house, villa, apartment or condo to rent, then simply click on the links below to find suitable accommodation in an upmarket neighborhood in Dominica, St Kitts & Nevis.  The long-term rental listings below contain both furnished and unfurnished accommodation.

Dominica rentals - apartments (furnished)
Dominica rentals - apartments (unfurnished)
Dominica Rentals - Commercial space
Dominica rentals - houses (FURNISHED) < US$2,000
Dominica Rentals - houses (FURNISHED) US$2,000 +
Dominica Rentals: FURNISHED US$3,000.00 +
Dominica rentals - houses (UNFURNISHED)
Nevis rentals
St Kitts rentals - apartments
St Kitts rentals - private homes/houses
St Kitts rentals - villas and condos
St. Kitts Commercial Properties For Rent















































































































































































































































































































































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