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Dominica Short-term Rentals
Dominica is currently ranked in the top 10 eco-tourism destinations in the world

Dominica vacation rentals and accommodation for the Business traveller are a wonderful alternative to hotels.  Your vacation experience in Dominica should include a dip in one of our several natural mineral pools, a soak in one of our 365 rivers, sea bathing, whalewatching, deep sea diving, a rainforest hike, sampling of the island's creole cuisine, an adventure on the rain forest aerial tram or a visit to one of the country's numerous sites of interest. 

National Geographic Traveler has ranked Dominica among the 20 Best Trips of 2011.  This lovely island is considered as an "out-of-the-ordinary" destination.  Additionally, Yahoo Travel has just named Dominica among the top 10 best Tropical destinations in the world - Yahoo Travel article.  What are you waiting for? Select your holiday or business accommodation from the Dominica Short-term listings below and come enjoy this BEAUTIFUL nature island.

3 or 4 bedroom OCEANVIEW home with private pool
Upper Goodwill 2 bedroom short-term rental

2 Bedroom Apartment With Shared Pool

































































































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