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Dominica rentals
apartments for rent in Dominica (ONE YEAR OR MORE)


 Fully Furnished Spacious Studio Apartment In Roseau

Fully furnished modern studio apartment for rent in the heart of Roseau, Dominica.  This spacious elegantly furnished recently constructed apartment is equipped with AC, hot/cold water, 110V/220V, etc.  From this location on the 3rd floor, you will enjoy an amazing view.

Monthly rent:  US$700.00 includes water, WI-FI/cable)

TO RENT: CALL (347) 298 3403 or (767) 612-7574 or click to contactRef# DOMAR62

2 Bedroom 1 Bath Apartment In Upper Goodwill

2 bedroom 1 bath fully furnished apartment for rent in Upper Goodwill.  Apt is fully equipped for both your short or long term needs:  AC available in both bedrooms, microwave, LCD tv, etc.

Long-term monthly rent:  US$1,000.00 (includes WIFI, cable, water and cooking gas)

TO RENT: CALL (347) 298 3403 or (767) 612-7574 or click to contactRef# DOMAR40





1 Bedroom Apartment In Upper Goodwill

Fully furnished 1 bedroom apartment with covered parking for rent in Upper Goodwill. This tastefully furnished apartment comes equipped with AC in the bedroom, washer & dryer, microwave, 40" LED tv, etc.  Upper floor is occupied only for a few weeks each year.

Long-term monthly rent:   XCD2,160.00 or US$800.00 (includes WIFI, cable, water and 1st tank of cooking gas)

TO RENT: CALL (347) 298 3403 or (767) 612-7574 or click to contactRef# DOMAR56






2 Bedroom 1 Bath Apartment In Canefield


Elegantly furnished  2 bedroom 1 bath upper floor apartment for rent in Canefield.  This apartment is fully equipped for your long term needs:  AC in both bedrooms, LED tv, washer, microwave, hot/cold water, etc.  

Monthly rent:  US$1,000.00 or XCD2,700.00 (includes WIFI, cable and water).


TO RENT: CALL (347) 298 3403 or (767) 612-7574 or click to contactRef# DOMAR60





Tastefully furnished apartments for rent in JIMMIT, Dominica. At this location you are about 15 minutes from the capital city, Roseau. You will enjoy an awesome ocean view at this location. Monthly rent: XCD1,080.00 or US$400.00 (1 bedroom apartment) or XCD1,890.00 or US$700.00 (2 bedroom apartment) Tenant is responsible for ALL utilities except lawn maintenance.

Ref:  DOMAR59



   3 Bedroom 2 Bath Tastefully Furnished Apartment For Rent In Roseau

3 bedroom 2 bath modern apartment for rent in the heart of Roseau.   This 3rd floor apartment is fully equipped for your long-term needs.  All 3 bedrooms are air-conditioned for your added comfort.



Long-term monthly rent: US$1,300.00 (2 bedroom unit) or US$1,500.00 (3 bedroom unit) (includes WIFI, cable & water)

TO RENT: CALL (347) 298 3403 or (767) 612-7574 or click to contactRef# DOMAR32


Apartment For Rent In Upper Goodwill

Spacious 1 bedroom air-conditioned apartment for rent in Upper Goodwill.  This fully furnished apartment is within a 20 minute walk to the capital city, Roseau.  The apartment boasts electronic sliding gate, 110/220V, spacious grounds, covered outdoor area, etc

Monthly rent:  US$850.00 or XCD2,295.00 (includes WIFi/cable, water and lawn maintenance)

Ref:  DOMAR61


Tastefully decorated air-conditioned Ocean view apartment in Mero

2 bedroom fully furnished apartment for rent in Mero within a 20 minute drive of the capital city (Roseau) and within walking distance of the popular Mero beach.  This tastefully furnished apartment with AC in both bedrooms is fully equipped to meet long-term needs.   You will enjoy a spectacular ocean view from this house.  Apartment is equipped with washer, LCD tv, microwave, etc.

Monthly rent:  XCD2,700.00 or US$1,000.00 (includes WI-FI, cable and water)

Ref:  DOMAR58







Fully Furnished One Bedroom Apartment in Canefield

Fully furnished one bedroom apartment for rent in Canefield.  The apartment comes fully equipped with surveillance cameras on the exterior, air-condition unit in the bedroom, full size bed, washer, microwave, linen, etc.  110V/220V, hot/cold water and burglar bars are some of the added features.

Monthly rent:  US$600.00 or XCD1,620.00 per month (includes Cable, Wi-Fi and 1st cylinder of gas


TO RENT: CALL (347) 298 3403 or (767) 612-7574 or click to contactRef# DOMAR57

Executive 2 Bedroom Apartment In St.Aroment

2 Bedroom 2.5 Bath Executive Apartment for rent in St. Aroment.  This fully furnished modern apartment is fully equipped to meet your long term needs.  Apartment features ensuite bath in both bedrooms, AC in both bedrooms, open plan living/dining/kitchen, off-street parking, etc.  This spacious apartment apartment is equipped with 2 LED tvs, outdoor furniture, washer/dryer, etc 

Monthly rent:  US$1,800.00

Ref:  DOMAR55




































































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