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Dominica rentals
long-term homes for rent (leases of ONE YEAR or MORE)

3 Bedroom 2 Bath Spacious Main House For Rent In Roseau

3 bedroom 2 bath elegantly furnished fully air-conditioned main house for rent in the heart of Roseau, Dominica.  This ground floor unit is equipped with washer, dryer, 42" LCD tv, microwave, etc.  The house offers lots of room wiith additional space on front verandah and backyard.  From this location you are a short walk away from banks, schools, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

Monthly rent (1 year or more):  US$2,000.00 (tenant is responsible for all utilities)

For shorter stays, please enquire.

Ref:  DOMHR83

3 Bedroom 2 Bath Main House

3 bedroom 2 bath fully furnished main house for rent in Castle Comfort, Dominica. You will enjoy a lovely ocean view from this house. Owners occupy downstairs apartment for a few months each year. There is a back yard with fruit trees: soursop, coconuts, mangoes, etc.

Long term monthly rent: US$1,302.00 or XCD3,500.00 (includes lawn maintenance)

3 Bedroom 2 Bath Single Family House In Wall House

3 bedroom 2 bath fully furnished single family house with study for rent in Wall House.  This fully fenced property boasts spectacular ocean view, spacious yard and ample parking for a few cars. House is fully air-conditioned and equipped with back-up water storage, surveillance cameras, washer, dryer, microwave, outdoor furniture, etc.

Monthly rent:  XCD5,000.00 or US$1,860.00

TO RENT: CALL (347) 298 3403 or (767) 612-7574 or click to contactRef# DOMHR81





3 Bedroom 1 Bath Main House In Canefield

3 bedroom 1 bath fully furnished house  for rent on the outskirts of Roseau.  This recently remodeled  house enjoys a with an amazing ocean view.  The house is equipped with stainless steel appliances, LED tv, washer/dryer, etc.  

Long-term monthly rent:  XCD5,000.00 or US$1,860.00

TO RENT: CALL (347) 298 3403 or (767) 612-7574 or click to contactRef# DOMHR61






4 Bedroom 3 Bath Single-Family House For Rent in St. Aroment

4 bedroom 3 bath fully furnished spacious house for rent in St. Aroment, Dominica.   Master suite is air-conditioned and furnished with a king size bed. Living area is not currently air-conditioned but owner is willing to install air-conditioning if the new tenant so desires. House is equipped with washer/dryer, microwave, cable tv, etc.

This house is a 5 minute drive from the capital city, Roseau.

Ref:  DOMHR84

 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Single-Family Home In Pont Casse

3 bedroom 2 bath single-family fully furnished house for rent in Pont Casse.  This recently completed house sits on a 1/2 acre lot and boasts a river at its border - you simply need to walk down a few stairs to enjoy a river bath.  This very spacious house is equipped with 110V/220V,washer & dryer, dishwasher, etc.  Due to the cool temperatures in the area, NO ac is required.  

At this central location, you are 30 minutes away from the capital city, Roseau and also 30 minutes away from the airport.

Long term rent: XCD3,780.00 or US$1,400.00 (includes WIFI, cable and water)

TO RENT: CALL (347) 298 3403 or (767) 612-7574 or click to contactRef# DOMHR51


4 Bedroom 2 Bath Bungalow On a Few Acres of Land

4 bedroom bungalow for rent in a quiet and private area, just 15 minutes away from Roseau. This house comes fully and elegantly furnished - includes washer & dryer, microwave, etc.  A perfect spot for a writer, artist or just about anyone who enjoys a country setting but with a modern feel.   You will enjoy an oceanview from this property.  There is no AC in this house:  you really do not need it. However, owner is willing to install AC units in a couple bedrooms if tenants so desire.  You can enjoy outdoor dining on L-shaped verandah.  Spacious grounds and verandah provide lots of room for relaxation and entertaining.

Available for periods of 3 months to one year.

Monthly rent: "SORRY, RENTED"