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15,123 sq ft  Frigate Bay oceanview lot
overlooking Calypso Bay Resort

Parcel of land containing 15,122.77 sq ft for sale at Fort Tyson Rise in Frigate Bay.  This prime corner lot overlooks the prestigious Calypso Bay resort, Manor By The Sea condominiums and the Caribbean sea with views of the Southeast Peninsula and Nevis.  The lot is ideally located in that section of Frigate Bay, which offers serenity and peacefulness. This OCEANVIEW lot is just past Horizon Villas and directly across the street from the recently constructed Manor By the Sea condominiums next to Calypso Bay resort.   You will note that given the elevation of this lot and the slope of the land occupied by Manor By The Sea (across the street below), those condominiums   COULD NEVER   block your AWESOME view.

This highly desirable lot is located in the most sought after section of Frigate Bay.

Asking price: US$299,500.00




No alien-landholding licence is required for purchase of this lot. Additionally, effective July 1, 2005 the purchaser no longer pays the transfer fee of 6% - instead, the seller now pays 10%. Legal fees (to be paid by purchaser) approximate 2% of purchase price.


To purchasecall (347) 298 3403 or (869) 762 4066 or click to make contactRef#:  SKBL36







This corner lot is at the mouth of the prestigious Calypso Bay Resort and in close proximity to the soon to be developed Pelican Bay Resort at Potato Bay.






Photo depicts lot for sale at Fort Tyson Rise in Frigate Bay, St Kitts. 






Direct access to this elevated corner lot is on the public road leading to Potato Bay. 
















































































































































































































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