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Gommier Stewart
Gommier Stewart Estate:  1 bedroom cottages

1 bedroom cottages for sale at Gommier Stewart Estate, immediately past the community of Beaubois and enroute to Giraudel.  These cottages are ideal as vacation homes or vacation rentals. As owner, you get a chance to escape from the city on weekends and enjoy short stays or if you are in the diaspora, you get a chance to enjoy a wonderful retreat on your visits to the nature isle .   Why not spend your vacation in your own Dominican cottage and/or rent out to other guests while away from the island?

Asking price:  US$110K to US$140K or XCD297K to XCD378K (fully furnished)





These cottages are also perfect as a full time residence for a single professional or young couple just starting off or retired couple.


To purchase one of these cottages: please call (767) 612 7574 or (347) 298 3403 or click to make contact Ref# DOMH59




Cottage size:  890 sq ft (inclusive of porch)

Land sizes:  2,036 sq ft to 4,599 sq ft








This is the perfect setting for enjoying the Nature Isle.  These cottages are near to it all, yet far from it all.  




































































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