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Hillsborough Street property

This commercial property on Hillsborough Street gets HIGH marks for both road frontage and location.  This property consists of a main building and 1 outhouse on a 2,816 sq ft lot on a well travelled section of Hillsborough Street, in the vicinity of Republic Bank, All Saints University and Sagicor.   The road frontage of 44 feet, makes this property one of the select few in the centre of Roseau with such a wide road frontage.  This wide road frontage allows for off-street parking, a comfort that most businesses are only able to dream of but consider extremely useful, given the congestion in Roseau during normal working hours.














You will marvel at the 16" stone masonry wall that fully fences this property and accounts for 8% of its value.   Such solid (ALMOST IMPENETRABLE) fences are NO EASY FIND these days.






If you do not plan to build immediately, then you can use this building in the interim or rent it out as well. 







This outhouse in the spacious backyard is equipped with toilet facilities.





 You should consider a combination of commercial space and student housing, given that there is a great demand for both commercial space and student housing in the city centre. What better spot is there than one just 4 doors away from All Saints University?




This property is just 1/2 a block away from Independence Street, the main entry street to the capital city, Roseau. 


The National Bank of Dominica (NBD), Government Headquarters and the Stadium are just a short walk up the same street as the property for sale.