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Roseau Commercial Property
3 storey building on Kennedy Avenue

3 storey building in very good condition for sale on Kennedy Avenue in Roseau.  The property boasts wide road frontage on 2 streets - 42 feet on Kennedy Avenue and 40 feet on Kings Lane - very uncommon in the city of Roseau.  This building sits on a 1,666 sq ft corner lot in close proximity to the Prevocinemall.  In the vicinity of this building is Marpin TV, FCIB, Whitchurch Supermarket, Courts, LIME, etc.  Additionally, from this location, you are just a few minutes away from the Financial Centre, banks, Registry, etc.  Kennedy Avenue is a well travelled road and therefore perfect for commercial business.






Lot size:  1, 666 sq ft

Building size:  4,408 sq ft


To purchase this property in Roseau:  "SORRY, SOLD"








Ideally located just 500 ft from from the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard.  So, in short walking distance to both the Cruise Ship Berth and Ferry Terminal.








You should be pleased to know that this building is equipped with an emergency exit.








Each floor is equipped with a kitchen, 1 shower and 2 powder rooms.








1st floor of the building is fully air-conditioned.








The building already has 2 floors tenanted and a company ready to sign a 5 yr lease effective January, 2016.  Alternatively, you can consider moving into the vacant floor.  







Both the ground floor and 2nd floor are open plan.  The 1st floor has timber partitioning which could easily be removed to allow for an open plan as well, if tenants so desire.






















































































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