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Dominica houses
incomplete house for sale

Spacious incomplete house on the outskirts of Laudat for sale.  This house consists of an incomplete 2 bedroom 1 bath main house on the top floor with  two one bedroom apartments on the ground floor.  One apartment is completed, so you get the chance to live downstairs while completing the rest of the house.  This house with a floor area of 2,612 sq ft sits on a 7,527 sq ft lot on the outskirts of Laudat.  Adjacent lot measuring 11,211 sq ft also included in reduced selling price.  So you will actually be getting 2 lots with purchase.

Owners are selling as they no longer wish to migrate to Dominica.


















The owners are donating building materials (lumber, pipes, etc.) currently onsite to the buyer.






The roof which is a major expense is already in. Exposed rafters just need painting.








1 of 2 apartments on ground floor. This one is incomplete.






Interior walls of main house already plastered and wiring already taken care of. You just need to install sockets and fixtures to complete electricals.




































































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