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Roseau commercial property
recently remodeled building

Recently remodeled  2 storey building for sale on Old Street, Roseau, Dominica.  Remodeling exercise included brand new roof, new internal doors and locks, upgraded shower with glass door, painting and other upgrades.     




Ground floor is equipped with an inverter AC.  This type of AC results in huge savings on electricity bills.


Lot size:  1,011.9 sq ft

Building size:  1,838 sq ft (inclusive of porch)



At this location, you are just a couple blocks away from Whitchurch supermarket, Flow, Courts, FirstCaribbean International Bank, Ferry, etc.







Both floors offer an exit on the right side of the building in case of emergency, in line with the requirements for all new buildings in the city of Roseau.









Building is located almost to the end of Old Street and just 2 doors away from Fine Foods Wholesale.







Upper floor is equipped with a full size kitchen and ground floor contains a kitchenette.