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St Kitts Real Estate
Lot at Pelican Development on the SE Peninsula


14,305 sq ft lot for sale at Pelican Development adjacent to the Turtle Beach Estates on the Southeast Peninsula.  This oceanview lot overlooks the calm Caribbean Sea and Nevis and provides views of Heritage Plantation, Turtle Beach and Cockleshell Beach also.  All public utilities and paved roads are already in place. 

Come and be part of this UPSCALE development on the SE Peninsula.

RESALE PRICEUS$20 per sq ft






There are a number of homes in close proximity to the lot for sale.  The lot is within walking distance of the popular Beach House restaurant at Turtle Beach and within a short drive of the soon-to-be Christophe Harbor.







Land prices in this area are expected to appreciate significantly in the short to medium-term.  Now is therefore the best time to invest.

To purchase:  call (869) 662 4066 or  (347) 298 3403 or click to make contact.  Ref#SKBL22