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Lovely home almost at the entrance of Ross University

4 bedroom 2 bath fully furnished single-family home plus small detached building for sale at the mouth of Ross University.  Given its close proximity to the main entrance of the University, this property is perfect for both commercial and residential purposes.  This 2,558 sq ft house sits on a 4,688 sq ft corner lot.  The house is well maintained and ready for moving in.   Single family homes in the Picard area rarely present themselves on the market.  SO PLEASE DON'T MISS OUT.





"Ideal for the investor hoping to capitalise on rental income from students or professors or ideal for the businessman hoping to set up a profitable business in Ross Boulevard"





  The house boasts:

  • paved yard with ceramic tiles throughout (except in the garden)
  • ample storage space in the loft 
  • spacious fully tiled porches on both levels for relaxing and entertaining
  • air-condition in the lounge area & one bedroom
  • detached building that can easily be converted to an apartment or commercial space if need be
  • orchard with numerous fruits to feast on




 You will find that every room in this house offers generous space.


 One of the good features of this house is its positioning on the corner lot, allowing for a significant distance between the house and both adjoining roads.










The area now used as a dining room is actually a lounge as the very large dining room is currently being used as a bedroom (Bedroom #5). However, you can rearrange to suit your needs as the options are many with this spacious home.



From this location, only one building and the street separate you from the main entrance to Ross University.   You are actually less than 100 yards away.



Ross University is practically at your doorstep.  IT JUST DOESN'T GET CLOSER THAN THAT!!!!! 





This orchard is located on the property and bounds with the road.  It is laden with bananas, mangoes, soursop and citrus.  What a treat!