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Dominica real estate
23.87 acres on the outskirts of Soufriere


23.87 acre plot for sale at Bois Cotlette Estate on the outskirts of Soufriere Village.   This plot is adjacent to the section of the estate with the ruins.   Approximately 1/4 of the land is flat with the remainder being mainly steep.  The lot borders a motorable road and is within a 5-minute drive of the hot springs in Soufriere, a popular tourist attraction.  The Waitikubuli National Trail runs along the border of this lot.

Public utilities are not available in the area.  However, wind or solar power would be ideal for this area.

Click here for the history of Bois Cotlette Estate   .

Asking price:  US$250,000









For a chance to own a piece of history:  call 347 298 3403 or click to contactRef# DOMCM05