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St Kitts Commercial Rentals
Commercial property for rent


Office Space in Sand's Complex

Prime commercial property for rent in Sand's complex, St Kitts.  This 2 storey fully air-conditioned unit offers 1,590 sq ft of floor space and is in excellent condition.   Bottom floor is tiled throughout while top floor is fully carpeted.  This spacious unit contains 1 patio, 1.5 baths, 1 kitchenette, 2 large spacious open offices and 4 private offices.  However, unit can be redesigned to suit your specific needs.


Office Space For Rent in Port Zante

Prime commercial space for rent in Port Zante, the area where the cruise ships berth.  Suitable for all types of business, but particularly those catering to tourists.

Lots of foot traffic in the immediate area.

Floor space ranges from 800 sq ft to 1,200 sq ft.

Monthly rent:  US$2,800 and up.

TO LEASE: CALL (347) 298 3403 or (869) 662 4066 or click to contact. Ref# SKBCR02 


Ground floor air-conditioned newly refurbished commercial space for rent in the vicinity of the Marriott resort in Frigate Bay, St Kitts.   This 1,014 sq ft space is NOT available for restaurants or bars.   This spacious commercial space has kitchenette and 1.5 baths.

Monthly rent:  US$1,500.00 

Ref #: SKBCR03

AVAILABLE 1 April, 2022



















































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