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Dominica land
prime lot for sale in Trafalgar

27,900 sq ft CORNER lot for sale enroute to Trafalgar Falls in Trafalgar, Dominica.     This mostly flat lot is just a short 10-minute drive away from the capital city, Roseau.   With the recently upgraded road network, getting to the city of Roseau will be a breeze.

 Trafalgar is home to one of the major tourist attractions in Dominica, Trafalgar Falls and also Papilotte Wildnerness Retreat & Nature Sanctuary.   The lot is within walking distance of both the Sulphur Springs in Wotten Waven and the Trafalgar Falls.

Asking price:  

US$72,651.00 OR XCD195,300.00 (ONLY XCD7.00 PER SQ FT)








To purchase this lot in Trafalgar: call (767) 276 7574 or (347) 298 3403 or click to make contact Ref# DOML63





























































































































































































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