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St Vincent & The Grenadines Real Estate
Union Island lot with amazing view


An OCEANVIEW plot measuring 2.7 acres for sale in Richmond/Ashton Valley, Union Island in The Grenadines.  This gently sloping lot enjoys a panaromic view of Richmond Bay and the neighboring Grenadine Islands.  All public utilities are available in the area.  Lot is accessed via motorable dirt road.

A number of tourism projects are slated for the area.  Accordingly, land prices are expected to appreciate significantly in the short to medium term. 

Asking price:  ONLY US$588,060.00 (i.e. US$5 per sq ft)





You are just  a mere 5-minute drive away from the white sand Richmond Beach and the shops of Ashton Valley.



To purchase:  call (347) 298 3403 or (767) 276 7574 or click to contact,  Ref# SVGL01





An upscale home has already been built on the lot next door - so, you'll have neighbors.


This large lot can easily be subdivided, if you so desire.




































































































































































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