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St Kitts land
Waterfront SE Peninsula lot


30,000 sq ft waterfront lot in the vicinity of Turtle Beach on the Southeast Peninsula.  This gently sloping lot borders the ocean but given that it is in a sheltered zone, the sea is normally calm.  The lot commands a spectacular view of Nevis, the calm Caribbean sea, Heritage Plantation and the turtle beach area.   All public utilities and paved roads are now available in the area.  GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY.

A STEAL AT US$20.00 per sq ft.  Significant appreciation anticipated in the short-term to medium term as the Southeast Peninsula is undergoing significant development with hotels, marinas and a golf course all under construction in the area.








This photo of Heritage Plantation was taken from paved road bordering lot.





This photo depicts Nevis in clear view.





Enjoy a view of Nevis, Heritage Plantation and the ocean from this gently sloping oceanfront lot.


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