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Dominica real estate
Dominica land for sale

Dominica is currently ranked in the top 10 eco-tourism destinations in the world and also top 5 dive destinations.  This beautiful gem is situated in the Eastern Caribbean between the french islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.  This unspoilt island boasts 365 rivers, numerous water falls, boiling lakes, sulphur springs, natural mineral pools and an abundance of flora and fauna.  Land prices and building costs in Dominica are extremely low when compared to the neighboring Caribbean islands.  Given the international exposure being received, especially since the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest  and Survivor on Dominica, there is little doubt that real estate prices will grow steadily.  NOW IS THEREFORE THE PERFECT TIME TO INVEST IN DOMINICA REAL ESTATE!  If you are looking for land for sale in Dominica, then select your ideal spot from the Dominica land listings below:

                                    NEW LISTINGS:

Cochrane: 14,000 sq ft very gently sloping lot
Morne Daniel: 2 adjacent lots totalling 3/4 acre
Salisbury Heights: 4 acre lot


Calibishie: 10 acre lot bounding river
Calibishie: 3 acre ocean view lot
Castle Bruce: 2.62 acre beachfront lot - A STEAL
Grand Savannah: 14,440 sq ft ocean view lot

Grand Savannah: 8,484 sq ft flat lot
Mahaut: 3.6 acre lot with panaromic view for sale
Mero: 13,667 sq ft oceanview lot
Mero: 14,676 sq ft lot with spectacular view
Mero, Cuba Road: 0.98 acre OCEANVIEW lot
Mero: 3.5 acre elevated beachfront lot
Morne Daniel: 1.32 acre OCEANVIEW lot
Pont Casse: 0.881 acres on main road
Portsmouth: 10 acre lot in Burnet
Roseau: 2 adjacent lots with damaged building
Roseau: 1,663 sq ft lot on Cork Street
Salisbury: 2 adjacent flat lots close to church
Salisbury: 1/2 acre hillside lots going cheap

Salisbury: prime lot just off main road "REDUCED"
Sultan: 1.5 acre lot for sale
Trafalgar: prime 27,900 sq ft lot

York Valley: 4 acre lot on main road


Goodwill (Upper): 10,942 sq ft lot "SOLD BY CPR"
Goodwill (Upper): 12,333 sq ft lot "SOLD BY CPR"
Cochrane: 2,913 sq ft house lot "SOLD BY CPR"
Pont Casse: 2.651 acre lot "SOLD BY CPR”

Belfast: Ocean view lot "SOLD BY CPR"

Mero: 9,296 sq ft ocean view lot "SOLD BY CPR"
Pont Casse 1.2 acre lot bordering bathing stream
Roseau: lot next to Financial Centre "SOLD CPR"
River Estate: 2 adjoining lots measuring 1/2 acre
Roseau: lot on Independence Street "SOLD BY CPR"



















































































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