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St. Kitts real estate
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The Robb Report Vacation Homes Magazine (October/November 2008 issue) lists St Kitts among the top 10 markets WORLDWIDE "that present lucrative opportunities for second-home buyers and real estate investors."  Need I say more?

Imagine owning your own home on the island of St. Kitts!  Owning a home in St. Kitts is a simple and easy process.  If you are looking for a house to buy in St. Kitts or Nevis, browse the current listings of St Kitts homes for sale and turn your St Kitts real estate dream into reality.  

                                        NEW LISTINGS:                                

Frigate Bay: Magnificent Ocean View house
Half Moon Courtyard: main house with 2 apts

Half Moon Heights: ocean view home priced very low


Half Moon Courtyard: Economic citizenship property
Shadwell: Duplex for sale


Frigate Bay: charming and delightful house