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St Kitts real estate
St Kitts villas and condos

The Robb Report Vacation Homes Magazine (December 2018 issue) lists St Kitts among the 3 Caribbean islands that "are becoming the regions high-rolling heavyweights".  The report listed the many reasons why the 3 selected islands are expected to become the next billionaires' playgrounds.  Visit Robb.   Need I say more?

The St Kitts villas and condos listed on this page are all in upscale communities.   Why not spend your vacation in your own villa in St Kitts and/or rent out to other guests while away from St. Kitts.

                                         FIRE SALE!!!!!!!!!          


Sealofts: NEWLY UPGRADED 2 bedroom unit
Sealofts: 3 bdrm standalone unit (UNDER CONTRACT”


Golfview Villas: Economic Citizenship property
Island Paradise:2 bedroom Ocean View Unit “SOLD”
Manor By The Sea: Approved under CBI program
Ocean's Edge Resort: 2 bedroom villa with pool
Sealofts: 2 bedroom 2 bath pool view unit
Sealofts: 2 bedroom pool view unit
Sealofts: 2 bedroom 2 bath poolview unit
Sealofts: villa boasts both ocean and pool view
Sealofts: 2 bedroom poolview unit with oceanview.
Sealofts: oceanview unit at Sealofts On The Beach
Sealofts: Villa with extended patio "REDUCED"
Sunrise Hills villas: approved under CBI program
St Christopher Club: 2 adjacent ground floor units


Horizon Villas: 2 bedroom ocean view unit
Island Paradise: 1 bedroom unit "SOLD"
Island Paradise: 1 bedroom 1.5 bath condo "SOLD"
Sealofts: FIRE SALE on an Oceanview Unit "SOLD"